Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

Take back control of your appointment scheduling.

48% of patients are devoted to “Calling the Doctor” when they require communication with their physician’s office. (Kyruus, 2020)

MedCall Plus processes over 100,000 calls per month, booking thousands of appointments per day.

Patient Intake and Appointment Setting Has Never Been Easier

Provide undivided attention to your patients and by outsourcing time-consuming appointment scheduling and confirmations.

○ Alleviate the workload by having our expert appointment desk collect and verify insurance information and distribute intake questionnaires.

○ Ease the appointment process by using around-the-clock, logic-based support to optimize your time, whether you’re replacing last-minute cancellations or an appointment next month.

○ With built-in appointment reminders and a confirmation process to text, call, or e-mail your patients, you and your staff can focus on those right in front of you.

Seamless Integration Using Your System or Ours

Driven by your questions, intuition, and logic, our agents will book your appointments through an API connection to your medical office’s ERM or our proprietary scheduling platform. MedCall Plus agents can work within your cloud-accessible appointment scheduler with ease.

Or, if you don’t have an existing solution, we’ll provide one to meet your needs and optimize your practice. Create a centralized scheduling system and avoid double-bookings, cluttered calendars, and other mishaps.

Increase Staff Productivity, Improve Patient Experience, and Build Revenue

Keeping a full calendar is crucial to a well-run practice. But the work of setting those appointments can be stressful if staff is pulled in multiple directions. By not maintaining appointments, your practice reputation can suffer and you could lose patients.

With MedCall Plus, the appointment desk is always open to your patients, service calls, and consultations that keep your calendar up-to-date and prioritized around the clock.

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