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Transform Your Patient Experience

The MedCall Plus team becomes A Seamless Extension of You by doing more with less.


Medical Answering Service




Appointment Scheduling

Through partnership with MedCall Plus, our clients have seen REAL results

Reduced call abandonment rate from 30% to less than 5%

One missed appointment per day can cost a practice up to $60,000 annually.

Improved PHI handling to allow for faster, higher quality results following consults

Integrated HIPAA compliant tools to save on cost per interaction

Coverage for FMLA leave, holidays, and staff shortages

Partnering With You

Thorough Training

Office staff onboarding, new program facilitation, and quality instruction are just a few of the ways we ensure that your staff and our team work seamlessly together. When partnering with MedCall Plus, the programming team can onboard new services in as little as 2 business days!

Expert Consulting

When you partner with MedCall Plus, you access over 25 years of experience. We want our clients to succeed. That’s why we offer consulting on Mergers, Gap analysis, IT infrastructure, and much more.

Consistent Reliability

MedCall Plus is available no matter the emergency, and you can always count on us for a one-call resolution. Support centers utilize both a symmetrical fiber network and redundant power which prevent downtime and overflow. You’ll always have backup whenever you need it.

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