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Your answering service should be doing far more than just answering your phone after-hours.

Answering Services

Bilingual Services

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

On Call + Data Management

Answering Services

Unanswered calls, delayed responses, and unprofessional communications can push up to 71% of your clientele away. Give every caller a live, compassionate medical receptionist, professionally trained to health industry standards.

Front-End Greeting

Greet your callers with with a personalized pre-recorded message that can manage call time more efficiently. Relay pertinent information to your callers before they speak with a live practitioner — reducing potential robo-calls and excess staff time.

Staff Talk Time

Following a script we help you create, our telephone answering specialists greet your callers, accurately collect their information, and review the message for accurate transmission. Common calls we handle are appointment requests, cancellations, emergency requests, employee call offs, and more.

Message Delivery

MedCall Plus will always record your calls, logging call details to our Portal


Following your directives, calls can be transferred to a pre-determined provider or team of personnel depending on the criteria of the call. On-call lists can be managed directly by you, or simply sent to our customer service team.

Call Forwarding Numbers

Customized local or toll-free phone number(s) options, patient and office calls are forwarded from your existing telephone numbers(s)

Bilingual Services

The need for bilingual communication is always increasing but difficult to staff for. With MedCall Plus you can offer a competitive edge in supporting non-English speaking callers. Our fluent spanish team ensure that a language barrier will not interrupt the quality and consistency of care that is handled on your behalf. Instead of relying on limited translation skills or one spanish speaking staff member, you can offer bilingual communication whether its 2pm or 2 am.

Our translation providers are also able to translate live on emergency and crisis calls in which on-call representatives of your company are patched in.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Messaging

Keep your patient information protected with our HIPAA-compliant, encrypted technology. 70% of patients say they are more likely to choose a provider that offers reminders for follow-up care via email or text. Texting is today’s most prevalent form of communication, but if correct security measures are not taken users are susceptible to breaches of privacy.

You can have peace of mind about Patient security

  • HIPAA Compliant Messaging
  • Secure PHI and ePHI
  • HITECH Certified

On Call + Data Management

Always ensure your customers are patched to the proper contact with customizable on-call scheduling. Your doctors and staff can view, edit, and create on-call schedules while protecting PHI and maintaining HIPAA compliance. You can also view messages, share information, and allow full access to on-call information. Health care needs are constantly changing and now you can access the data you need to make decisions.

Our customizable Portal give you access to:

MedCall Plus Portal

  • Call Recording and Log
  • Billing Data
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • On-Call Management
  • Customizable Data Reporting

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