MedCall Plus – MGMA Leaders ’23

Improve Your Healthcare Call Center with our Free Guide

MedCall Plus is the healthcare industry’s leading provider of Patient Support Services. With over 25 years of medically-focused communication management expertise, MedCall Plus helps you transform your patient experience through advanced solutions.

Nurse Triage Services

Our nurses will triage patient concerns while referencing your protocols and care instructions.

Answering Services

Healthcare doesn't exist within just the 9 to 5. With MedCall Plus, your patients can get answers anytime.

Appointment Scheduling

We'll schedule appointments based on your protocols and care instructions, helping your practice and limiting unnecessary ER visits.

On-Call Management

We work with you to build a comprehensive on-call schedule that serves your patients and allows providers to rest easy.

Secure Messaging

Allow your patients to communicate how they prefer, all while keeping PHI secure.

EMR / PHI integration

We work directly with your existing EHR/EMR software, keeping PHI secure and your staff on the same page.

Download the guide "Navigating Through Healthcare Call Center Challenges"

Download the guide by Janet Livingston today and start transforming your patient experience. With MedCall Plus, you can improve your internal call center and create a more efficient and effective patient communication system. Our guide will provide you with the clarity you need to make the most of your internal call center.